How to change root/administrator password

It is very easy to change your root/administrator password used to login to your VPS/VDS service with us, follow the below steps to do it:

1) Login to the billing/client area of our site. Found here 

2) Select 'Services' from the top navigation bar and then 'My Services' from the dropbox menu. 

3) Find the service you wish to update from the table displayed on the page. Select it by clicking on the table row.

4) Scroll down till you see a box with a number of icons inside, titled 'VPS Management'. You should look like this:

5) Select 'Change Password'. A window will appear asking for a new password, enter your desired new password. 

6) Press the green 'Change Password' button.

7) Once this has been saved press the red power-off button (ensure you are NOT pressing restart as this will not work correctly). Give your VPS a few moments to shut down and then press the green power-on button again.

8) Done! Use your new password to log in!


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